That’s fantastic news, Ann. That’s a lot to go through when you 12 years old. But I bet it made her a stronger and better person. I hear your own gratitude for this life-saving & renewing surgery. It’s an awesome experience, and life-changing. I am having a hard time right now, but finally working out the aftermath of a long illness and then the post-transplant period. It’s not uncommon for those with transplants to go through a period of anxiety and depression. You wouldn’t think — so I was surprised when it showed up. But I am moving through. I see it as a grieving period for all the time lost while I was sick — but honestly, I was creatively busy during that period. So I can look back on my accomplishments. And now looking forward to more to come, and shaping up right now. Thanks so much for reading my account and telling me your story of your daughter.

has survived, achieved many things. Storyteller. BAMus, Univ. of Hawaii. MHumanities, Univ. of Colorado Denver. Liver Transplant, Cleveland Clinic.

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