Jordan, I honestly believe people are embarrassed by what people say about having experienced deep poverty and family separation and all that entails. Especially when it happened to you in the way it did. That’s devastating.

I’ve been living much like that as an adult after a devastating disease began, no fault of mine, and went through 11 years of that ending in a liver transplant. Instead of being able now to celebrate that healing event, I’m scrambling for money and live in an extremely fearful state that I will end up homeless. In this current culture, I believe that’s possible.

But I know people want to hear from me how great I’m doing. Poverty is a slap in the face of both liberals and conservatives. How dare you be poor in this country. Really? I’m 70 now, have applied for more than 20 jobs in 1–1/2 years, have a master’s degree I earned while I was sick, lost a long-sought career because of the disease, and haven’t been able to even land a part-time job as a shelver at our public library. Where I volunteered for 6 years while I was sick and still able to work part-time. I’m resentful as hell about our culture. And mad as hell at Democrats as they just let things slide. They might as well be Republicans.

Henry Wismayer can go straight to conservative hell, where he belongs in his rational madness.

has survived, achieved many things. Storyteller. BAMus, Univ. of Hawaii. MHumanities, Univ. of Colorado Denver. Liver Transplant, Cleveland Clinic.

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